Alma Da Vida


Description: Alma Da Vida

It means ” Spirit of Life”.

And their music truly reflects the spirit, the moods of Life – on occasions, gentle and smooth, at other times pulsing, exuberant and harsh; ordered and restrained, or improvised and brand new in that moment. As with Life, the music of Alma da Vida has been shaped by the influences upon its members and is changed, constantly, by the events and people it encounters.

Alma da Vida is:

Paul Gerard on Spanish guitar.

Nigel Hope on 6-string base.

Jules Witek on percussion.

For the past four years, these very accomplished musicians have been taking listeners on journeys to a very different world – that of Spanish/jazz fusion.

While they might use the term Spanish/jazz fusion to describe their sound, the musical influences upon Alma da Vida have been so much more – to name a few, we can add classical, African, modern flamenco, Latin, rock, blues, folk and even Tibetan meditation to the more traditional flamenco and jazz ancestry. As a result, an Alma da Vida original might begin its journey in Spain, dance its way through Latin America and come to rest in the rhythms of West Africa.