The Aly Rae Patmore Trio


Description: The Aly Rae Patmore Trio

The Aly Rae Patmore Trio is a vibrant vocal jazz project that is based in Hobart, Tasmania which consists of some of Tasmania’s finest jazz talents.

Singer Alyson Rae Patmore, a born and bred Tasmanian, started her singing career in Hobart but soon found herself in the middle of one of Europe’s finest jazz scenes making an impact in Graz, Austria where she continued her pursuit of perfecting the art of jazz vocals. Returning home in 2010, Alyson soon started her own vocal tuition studio “Myrtle Song” and also turned heads in Hobart’s music scene with her unique sound.

Teaming up with long time friend and musical colleague, guitarist Zarven Kara, also returning to Tasmania from working and studying in the German music scene as band composer, record producer, and jazz guitarist, the two soon had their sights on a new jazz project that would combine their love of melodic jazz classics with a fresh new sound and approach that would be something to inspire and that Tasmania could relate to.

Hence the Aly Rae Patmore trio was formed with energetic double bass player, Benjamin Brinkhoff. The combination of three unique performers, Aly’s silky smooth flowing vocal style, Zarven’s compositional and guitar expertise with the wonderful, unique rhythmical and percussive approach to double bass of Benjamin forms the basis of Tasmanian musical venture.

However the three are also not limited to performing solely as a trio but also often expand with the use of a drummer to form a quartet version of this project. In whatever version it takes the Aly Rae Patmore Trio is something new, something fresh, something unique and something definitely worth coming to see around some of Tasmania’s finest music venues.

The Aly Rae Patmore Trio do Cold Chisel from Island Entertainment on Vimeo.