Bodane Magician


“It is not often left of field entertainments are created and provided locally which stand up to close scrutiny. This does. In every sense. The “ooohs” and aaahs” of the audience were real. The applause felt forced at first – but boy its sincerity increased and grew and became thunderous. The repartee between principal performer, Bodane Hatten, and the audience was delightful – not in a twee “isn’t that loverly” sense – truly engaging and involving and delighting.

The magic and technical aspects of the performance are frequently breath taking, especially the small and intricate material, but also the “wow scale” material” – Craig Wellington, review

Description: Bodane Magician

Need a wow factor to your event

Bodane can provide this

Shows vary from a 5 minute act through to 1 hour show.

This show can incorporate large scale illusions through to comedy.

Some illusions do require pre show set up and may be venue dependant.

Possible Acts include: Levitation, transfiguration of drinks, mentalism, card throwing as self defense, the classic Cups and Balls from Gazzo

Production is audience size dependent.

With larger groups: cordless hands free microphone and lighting to add effect.

Large scale media events also possible

AGT Performance Needles from Island Entertainment on Vimeo.



Bodane Hatten Deception Showreel from Island Entertainment on Vimeo.