Bradley Von Rock

Description: Bradley Von Rock

Brad has been a professional musician in the Australian music industry for over 25 years. He has been a feature & resident entertainer on The Spirit of Tasmania for 5 years and incorporates Tasmanian storytelling and the performance of over 1500 songs in his repertoire. Known on the ship as the Human Jukebox, nightly he performs a variety hour where he plays any song that the crowd requests and promotes Tasmania and its culture through musical comedic entertainment. As a veteran multi-instrumentalist, Brad Von Rock brings musical style & sophistication to The Von Rock Union performing Guitar, foot percussion, Octave Bass & harmony this duo has amazingly full sound and allows it to stretch between dinner music to full party mode stomping dance hits.

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BradleyVonRock_MP4_1 from Island Entertainment on Vimeo.


BradleyVonRock_MP4_2 from Island Entertainment on Vimeo.