Colonial Theme Night


“Our brief was a Tassie flavoured storytelling gig for a networking event designed to get strangers chatting to each other. Les created a historical character, who welcomed our conference delegates to Hobart with lively and funny stories. He’s a naturally charismatic man, who was perfectly on brief” – Corporate client

Description: Colonial Theme Night

If you want a colonial night for your conference then look no further.

Island Entertainment have created a night of colonial experience, from a simple character MC to a full host of colonial characters and music.

The Admiral (Lord Franklin, MC, takes the central role of the night, being present from start to finish. This service can involve a 30 minute interactive colonial court tailored to your event and clients.

Two Red Coats can flank the Admiral and make sure your guests are enjoying their last night of freedom before being interned for the term of their natural lives, a Colonial Band which can rove or perform on a stage to provide appropriate music and atmosphere, and various supporting characters from convicts to pick pocket wenches can also attend – just don’t let those ladies polish your valuables!