Wendy Moles

Description: Wendy Moles

Wendy Moles is the consummate working singer with over 2,000 live gigs to her credit. She has performed around Australia, with highlights being the Adelaide Festival and Fringe, Festival of Voices, and singing with jazz great Don Burrows.

Some people know Wendy from one of Hobart’s first new wave bands MR X who played to packed houses in the early 80’s. Some have seen her on YouTube in the Sydney band Lunar Circus, whose original repertoire from the mid-80’s has been digitised. Others know Wendy as a singer of jazz and it’s obvious how much she loves to swing.

Wendy is musically diverse and has been busier than ever over the last 10 years: She is a Suffrajette – playing guitar and singing with good friend, bassist and fellow jazz singer Kaye Payne; she gets her jazz fix in Wendy with Strings Attached; until recently she was a “backup singer with the moves” in Mama K and the Big Love; and she has guested many times with her brother’s band Australia Made, “releasing her inner rock chick”.

She has also honed a fine solo repertoire that is the sum of her own experiences. From the raw and confronting Patti Smith, to the British diva Annie Lennox, Wendy has reworked a great suite of songs using her rhythmic guitar style and sassy singing. She is also very good at getting people to sing along, because she knows that to sing is to be happy!

Wendy has a honey smooth voice and a love of music that is infectious to all who hear and see her sing.