island entertainment presents

The 120Ys


Since their inception in the very early 2000s when they threw their hats into the ring and saw the train a comin', the 120Ys have done all the dumb things.  They kept playin’ where they shouldn’t be playin’ and they kept thinkin’ that they’d never get burnt (ha!).  But these days, the 120Ys don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too: it’s Friday ; they’re in love!

The Ys are keen to play for you wherever you might be in lutruwita Tasmania.  Indeed, just the other night they came home after three months of constant grind and travel and while fingers were certainly ground into breastbones, they were soon ready to come up and see you, make you smile and handle your event or function with care.

With their feet in the air and their heads on the ground, the 120Ys are usually going round and round, up and down, through the Streets of your Town.  See a red door and want it painted black?  The 120Ys are the band for you.  Can’t seem to face up to the facts? Tense and nervous? Can’t relax?  If you book the 120Ys, you’ll be ridin’ down the highway, goin’ to a show before you know it.