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Take yourself on a majestic journey with indie-pop artist, Madelena. Be enlightened by the harmonious melodies and natural talent of this gem from Hobart, Tasmania. Madelena is a thought provoking and tuneful songwriter, her voice a fusion of innocence and strength sprinkled with an Australian lilt.
Since launching her debut single "My Lightest Shade" in September 2016,- Madelena has played at a number of notable Tasmanian festivals including Falls Festival Marion Bay, Cygnet Folk Festival, Taste of Tasmania Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival, Dark Mofo and Festival of Voices.

I’ve worked with Madelena on a number of occasions and her passion for music is deeply engaging. She is brimming with natural talent, and she brings a warmth and openness to her stage shows that instantly draws you into her world. Her voice is a beautiful mix of sweetness and strength, and her song writing shows maturity and insight.

Emma Porteus – Music Tasmania

I have had the pleasure of booking Madelena for a number of years, and she has always been a delight to work with. Both her professional, organised nature, and her beautifully cheerful, polished, and easy listening sound make her wonderful to work with. She has mastered the craft of being a skillful songwriter, a brilliant entertainer, and a humble business-woman – not an easy task, but one Madelena does with passion and a sparkling smile at all times!

Amy Fogarty – Meraki Management