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Mia Palencia, In Good Company


Mia Palencia In Good Company is a unique collaboration between two islands. While- pursuing her music degree on the island of Tasmania, songstress Mia Palencia, who hails from Malaysian Borneo, approached Tasmanian jazz arranger and keyboardist Kelly- Ottaway with the idea of forming an ensemble to explore both her original music and- improvised jazz. The duo recruited double bassist Hamish Houston and drummer Liam- O'Leary, thus completing the line"up.

With 15 years of experience in the music industry under her belt, award"winning jazz- crooner and singer"songwriter Mia Palencia is no stranger to the Malaysian music scene.- Having released her first jazz album at the age of 16, she was subsequently awarded Louis- Vuitton's Generation Next Award. She has since released 5 albums and continues to be- featured at music festivals and prominent corporate events across Malaysia, Singapore,- Indonesia and South Korea. Some of her past clients include Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Porsche,- Mercedes Benz, BMW and Nokia.

Since its formation in January 2012, Mia Palencia In Good Company have performed- extensively throughout Tasmania, being featured at key events, including Jazz in the Park- 2012 and Devil City Swing Festival. Their self"titled debut album was launched at the- Clarence Jazz Festival in February 2013. An invitation to perform at the Kota Kinabalu Jazz- Festival inspired the ensemble to undertake a Malaysian tour in June 2013.

Mia Palencia In Good Company have since returned to Tasmania, and continue to develop- their brand of music: an eclectic mix of jazz, soul, RnB and latin rhythms.

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