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Red Hot Cols


The Red Hot Cols were formed in October, 1998, to provide character based theme entertainment at a corporate Christmas party for the Novotel, Launceston in Tasmania. Since then they have performed at many corporate events Australia-wide.

Specialising in stand-up comedy, musical satire and comic character themes "the Cols" feature the combined talents of Colin Dean and Andrew Colrain.

Colin Dean has been performing in musical theatre for over twenty years and as a professional singer for over thirty. Whether as part of a guitar duo, Old Time Music Hall Troupe, leading man in a Broadway style musical or just singing with a pub band, Colin's variety of experience is vast.

Musical impersonations are his specialty and while he is still performing, Tom Jones and Elvis will never die.

Andrew Colrain also holds many years of theatrical experiences on his side with university revues, touring revues, musical theatre and extensive work in television advertising and voice-over work. Andrew has also worked as a professional singer for over 15 years and is a regular guest artist in cabaret at Hobart's Wrest Point.

His singing strength completes the Red Hot Cols harmony that is the basis of their unique comedic style.

The Red Hot Cols are very versatile and can therefore be relied upon to make you laugh in any way possible.
They are expert at writing satirical songs and gags based around the theme of your event, and enjoy working closely with their clients to create comedic material and themes. This gives you a unique experience in which you have input, and makes the gig more enjoyable for them.

If you don't want to create something new, The Red Hot Cols have a stable of existing characters such as The Gangsters, Brutus and Caesar, The Air Hosties From Hell, Basil Fawlty and Manuel, Pirates, Admirable Admirals, Conniving Convicts, Secret Agents (Our names are Bond) and a lovable pair of cockney lads. (A right old knees up!)

The Red Hot Cols perform at any venue around Australia.

The Red Hot Cols.......We take your funny business seriously !