island entertainment presents

Samora Squid


Samora Squid is a multitalented variety performer, who's style mixes old-school side-show stunts with a light hearted, slapstick twist. His hilarious antics have been worked into shows that can be varied in length, are
suitable for both outdoor and indoor events, highly adaptable to suit any environment and are heaps of fun!

At the age of 17, Samora Squid became Australia's youngest sword swallower in history. He is also the worlds tallest contortionist at an amazing 195 cm in height.

Squid's shows are full of bizarre, beautiful acts that you will never forget and he will keep you laughing the whole time.

Outdoor Festival/Street Show:
Beginning with quick-witted, jovial musings on whatever is taking place around him, Squid befriends passers by and warmly invites them into his weird and wonderful cartoon-esque world. 195cm of Pure Squid is manipulated into hilarious contortion positions, before squeezing through the tennis racquet of death. Then, be amazed as Squid effortlessly slides 55cm of solid steel down his throat -then takes a bow!

Suave, sophisticated and downright debonair, Squid can take the stage anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour displaying any number of his skills. See him perform mind blowing contortion, fit an entire tennis ball into his mouth and hammer nails into his sinuses.

Witness him walking, laying down on and even eating broken
glass for your entertainment pleasure. Be awe-struck by his stunning finale of swallowing two swords at once.

All performed with the grace, elegance and comedy of the vaudevillians of old.

Show can be modified to suit any audience.

The Crowds loved Samora’s outrageous contortionist act. He was a pleasure to deal with -professional, friendly and flexible. Samora’s show is fresh and entertaining, and we would recommend him for any festival or event

Pam Glaser, Auckland Buskers Festival