island entertainment presents

Stilt Walking Creations


Island Entertainment can provide numerous stilt walking characters to your events. Have a look below to see what suits your event.

Tall Boys

These gentlemen are tall "“ spectacularly tall. Let them welcome your guests at any function. Perfect for formal occasions and 'highly' interactive.

Polly the Phoenix
A must at any event. Polly the Phoenix creates a stir wherever she is. Interactive, friendly and always interested in what humans are up to. Never alone with her rider, the pair love being at events where people gather.

The Soul Sistas
Two very tall ladies with amazing dancing skills, and likewise amazing hair, they'll get anyone moving.

Black Dragon

The Black Abashi - the friendly dragon, roams festivals and events. This creature creates height colour and movement to your event.

Christmas tree with Cocky the cheeky resident, bounding reindeer, elves... a whole host of Christmas characters to get a crowd excited for the silly season, or any season.

Stilt Insect- 

Able to camouflage in the largest trees this insect is ready to infest your event.

Custom Creations

The Wooden Boats Festival wanted an Admiral Stilt Walker, so we made one! Got a great idea? Run it by us and we'll come up with something together!