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Stormy, a standout solo artist in Hobart's vibrant music scene, captivates audiences with heartfelt playing and rhythmic innovation. Utilizing an acoustic guitar, stompbox, and a unique voice, his performances in local bars are both electrifying and nuanced.

Stormy's repertoire weaves a rich tapestry of emotions, spanning beloved 80's classics, 90's/2000's Triple J hits, and modern pop anthems. He brings a unique twist to familiar tracks, setting him apart from other cover artists.

His expertise as a sound engineer further enhances his shows, ensuring optimal sound quality whether he's energizing the dance floor or creating a relaxed background ambience. This blend of technical skill and musical artistry allows Stormy to adapt to diverse settings, making every performance distinct and memorable.

Embark on a musical journey with Stormy, where history's beloved tunes are reimagined with personal flair and a distinct voice. Experience why Hobart's music lovers are captivated by this versatile and passionate acoustic talent