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The Moonshine Collective


Lead Band Member Finn-Gabriel Moonshine started the band as part of a desire to develop a modern jazz band for a group of young guys dedicated to performing modern jazz. As a result, The Moonshine Collective have become a modern Contemporary Jazz group formed just out of high school.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, featuring Finn-Gabriel Moonshine Bacon on guitar, Sebastian Folvig on bass, Tristan Meffre on saxophone and Chris McGuinness-Terry on drums.

These - FOUR young and passionate musicians shared their love for jazz when they debuted at the annual Hot August Jazz festival in North Hobart in 2019 and recently in a COVID based event in 2020 at the same festival. Guitarist Finn Bacon said it felt good to be a part of the event that creates a concentration of the niche genre.

"We are very lucky to have played at Hot August Jazz events and other venues in Tasmania, because a lot of our mentors have been doing it for years," Mr Bacon said.

"There's a whole lot of different stuff to see, more modern, even some avant-garde stuff as well around and "You don't really notice it [jazz] a lot throughout the rest of the year, because you really have to be in those niches."

The young Conservatorium of Music student said he thinks the genre is still rife in a city that is home to many passionate musicians. "Me and my mates are always trying to keep it rolling because it's such a great way of conversing with other people musically as well as socially," he said. "Musically it's like a giant conversation between the players and all these lovely people feeding off each other in the moment. "Improvised music in the 21st century is a really important thing."

We essentially like to just share our music. We LOVE an Audience!!!!!

We do classic standards and originals and like performing at venues, music events, festivals, pubs/clubs/ weddings/ birthdays/ festivals/ corporate/ conference gigs etc.

These guys are super talented, it gives me hope for the future seeing these young guys play.  I’ve had some great nights at The Duke when they’re playing as well as Hot August Jazz. They really do put a smile on your dial.

Sally Jones

These guys are so tight and energetic! They are in their early twenties but play with a level of aplomb and ease one would associate with bands twice as old! Endlessly inventive and joyful, this is a band of top national calibre not to be missed!

Michael Sydney Jones – Composer