island entertainment presents

The Seratones


After listening to the likes of Jimmy Smith, Grant Green and the jazz greats of the 1960’s, the Seratones (Finn Seccombe, Randal Muir & Thomas Hann) figured it was time to put their own slant on the Hammond trio ensemble. Their music is a testament to the importance of the song with melody and rhythm at the centre of every decision. I heard the term “˜simplexity’ recently, referring to that phenomenon that occurs when music is distilled to its incorruptible essence. The Seratones strip out all but that which is necessary to make a tune groove. If you’re planning to come along to a show, expect an authentic jazz and blues experience with keyboard wizardry from Randal, smooth vocals from Finn and swinging backbeats from the talented Thomas Hann. – Get up close to those Leslie speakers and let the shimmering waves of sound flow right through your veins.