island entertainment presents

Well Strung


Well Strung is a three piece semi acoustic band which offers a wide variety of known songs for many occasions, able to have a full yet controllable performance output suitable to cater for small to larger venues. Well Strung is a well-established professional, self-contained band who provide a lively entertaining show. Well Strung plays venues around the state and many of their private functions are booked on the basis of our live shows. Corporate and private events include; Festivale, Cancer Foundation Charity Balls, Student Balls and too many weddings, parties and anything to mention.

Well Strung takes pride in selecting songs from classic Australian artists and current pop hits while not always being the song you might expect a semi-acoustic trio to tackle. Well Strung believes that there are many great songs to play and try to tackle songs not every other band is playing.

A duo version is also available, known as Two Strung.

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