Arman & Co.

Description: Arman & Co.

Arman & Co. is a Hobart based Jazz band playing various styles of Jazz such as Swing, Bebop, Blues, Latin, and Ballads. The band commonly perform as a Quintet of Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Saxophone, and was formed in mid-2017. Arman & Co. have now played in several venues around Hobart including MONA and the Henry Jones Art Hotel.

Front-man as well as lead singer of the band is Arman Bratamidjaja with his bass-baritone crooning voice sings with influence from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Louise Armstrong. He has performed in festivals around Tasmania including the annual Hot August Jazz Festival. Arman was born and bred on the island of Java, Indonesia and moved to Hobart in July 2016 to pursue a higher education at the University of Tasmania. Despite moving to another country, his passion for Jazz and for singing has not been diminished.

Together, Arman & Co. produce sophisticated sounds of jazz that would be suitable for any kind of event.

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