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Alien-eX are a well-renowned, and respected Launceston band, made up of two talented and creative musicians:

Gordon (Guitar/SFX)

Luis (Synths/keyboards/drum programming/SFX/purveyor of sounds)

With their love of all things 80's synth pop (Ultravox, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Blondie, Simple Minds) Alien-eX are sure to entertain with danceable tunes that will have you on the floor all night long, and screaming for more!

Based in Launceston, Tasmania, Alien-eX has a coloured history of live performances and unique musical arrangements.

Alien-eX pride themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with their unique and massive sound.

Booking Alien-ex includes their huge laser and light show which is bound to get everyone on the dance floor!

The sound coming out of the amps and PA, from three guys on stage, was truly electrifying. It gave me goose bumps and for the next few hours after the gig, I was truly in rock heaven

Simon Tedesco

I caught these guys when they played the Gunners Arms Tavern in October; I was just walking past and heard the sound coming from inside; it drew me in like a magnet. We need more bands like Alien – Ex

Jason Developer

We were just walking past the pub, thinking of going in for a drink when we heard this massive sound coming out from the back; it was Alien-eX. What a massive sound coming out of 3 guys on stage. We danced our butts off!