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Aneeta Kaitinis – Psychic Medium


Aneeta Kaitinis is establishing herself as one of Australia's most versatile and gifted psychics. Over the last 25 years she has worked with thousands of people all across mainland Australia and her beloved home state of Tasmania.

Aneeta has been working as a Psychic Medium in many different settings over that time; working one on one from her home reading room, conducting group paranormal investigation tours, as well as private off-site investigations in clients’ homes.

Passionate about sharing her gifts and opening awareness to the paranormal world, Aneeta has also been educating the masses by running her Psychic Awareness courses and offering her services as a key-note speaker.

You will fall in love with Aneeta's bubbly, larger than life personality as she brings comfort from answering your questions about past, present, and future.