island entertainment presents

Applause Murder Mystery


Island Entertainment is working with Applause Entertainment to provide hosted Murder Mystery events in Tasmania: great for Teambuilding, Staff Social Function, Fundraiser, Teenage or Adult Party, Hen's Night. With a variety of formats, there're lots of ways to get the most out of your Murder Mystery event.

  • 1 Host up to 40 people. The host's energy will help get everyone into character, and immersing in the plot. The host will greet them in full character, and the fun begins! You won't have to do a thing as the host takes charge with every element of the game.
  • 2 Hosts 20-60 people. Your guests will be treated to a "show" of banter and interaction between the characters. The extra host will ensure every guest will receive attention and keep everyone on track and engaged in the story.
  • 3 Hosts up to 80 people.-  If you find yourself with a full-blown guest list, you'll want to give them the full-blown experience. 3 hosts will ensure that the night runs smoothly and efficiently, with everyone getting involved and interactive. Experience the excellent banter between the hosts for a hilarious evening!

When you choose a Murder Mystery Team Game all you need to do is:

1. Pick the theme:- Hollywood Scandal - Tracy Gang (1920's) - Caribbean Cruise - Wild West - Christmas Capers - Haunted Horrors - Murder in the Diner - Fairytale Fiasco - Murder on the Dance Floor - Haunted Horrors. (Click button on the Right "Download Song List" for the description of Themes)

2. Choose a venue

3. Invite your guests! There are different ways to play Murder Mystery games, so make an enquiry and find out what is the best game for your event and guests!

We had a great night … There was as much or as little interaction of our guests as they were comfortable with, and we didn’t have to do a thing. Fantastic Teambuilding Event. Thankyou so much for an awesome afternoon guys. Everybody enjoyed themselves immensely. You all somehow managed to be flexible and helpful (relieving much of my stress!), and at the same time your entertainment was original and appealed to the broad range of people we had at our event. I look forward to working with you all for our next function!“ Corporate Christmas Party