island entertainment presents

Baby Come Tack


Baby Come Tack play the smoothest, most soulful hits from the 70s and 80s, wrapped up in a stage show that will knock your Hawaiian shirt clean off!

The band features a 'who's that?' of Tasmania's professional music scene.

Baby Come Tack is Yacht Rock extravaganza that you will have you singing the night away and dancing your boat shoes off.

The man at the helm, is our Musical Director and pirate of percussion Matthew Ives.

Our vocalists Brett ‘the Bosun’ Budgeon and the ‘Mistress of the mainsheet’ Mel Brown.

On bass guitar ‘Admiral’ Adrian Smith and holding up the backline with him, and proving justifiable nepotism is alive and well on the high seas, on drums Felix Smith.

No yacht rock band is complete without super smooth horn sounds and we’ve got the smoothest of the them all.  Give it up for Derek 'Derrick' Grice.

On keyboards, a young virtuoso who I don’t think had even heard of the genre when he was asked to join this scurvy crew, Sheng Yuan-Lynch.

On lead guitar and backing vocals, a man who lays down searing and tasty licks, Captain Tom Howard.

On rhythm guitar is it George Benson? No it's Joel ‘Breezin’ Roberts.

And guiding our audience on the sublime seas of smooth-atude, is our navigator Peter Gee.

You guys were awesome, I was in Hobart for my sisters 50th and we just happened to be walking by and heard the great music, we really enjoyed your performance!


I shut my eyes, and I would swear that Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs and Ray Sawyer were up on stage singing as if it was live in the 70s!


One of the best live acts I’ve ever seen! Bert