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Rock band Barrelhouse has been having fun moving and shaking audiences in Hobart and around the state since 2012. Despite the band's name, they don't play barrelhouse jazz  -  defined as "a raucous, driving, unsophisticated style, usually in a small, cheap old-time saloon with a row of racked barrels along the wall", - (although they admit parts of that description may apply to the band at different times). They can also chill out and put down a quiet, tasteful set for you.

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Barrelhouse played at our wedding on Jan 5 in Orford and were amazing. We only had a small dance floor but somehow managed to squeeze pretty much every guest on there, and we danced so hard it broke! We were given the song list in advance, thinking we’d have to choose the songs we know our friends and family would like, but the band just picked up on the vibe and nailed every song. Barrelhouse was a real highlight of our wedding and it wouldn’t have gone anywhere near as smoothly if they hadn’t created the atmosphere they did. They are an extremely tight, professional and friendly unit and I would thoroughly encourage anyone to have them play at their wedding, birthday or Saturday night!!

B & W. Oakley, Tasmania (13th February 2013)

Almost 200 Mazda MX5 club members from around Australia had a fantastic night at the Country Club in Launceston with Barrelhouse providing the entertainment. People were on the dance floor dancing, before any food had been served and were still dancing at the end of the night as tables were being cleared! The band quickly assessed the musical tastes of the audience and played all evening with only a couple of short breaks. Their song list was so extensive that there were no repeats and some words were changed to fit in with the car club theme. Members of the band are very friendly and Tony made things easy to organize the event. They were the perfect band for our function at the Country Club, we had nothing but positive feedback from everyone at the event and I make no hesitation in recommending Barrelhouse. Thanks guys from MX5 members around Australia

Joan - Mazda MX-5 Club of Victoria and Tasmania NatMeet X11, February 2016