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Belle’s Boys



Belle Richardson is a Hobart based soul-pop-RnB singer with a love for connecting and sharing through her music. With over 8 years of experience in the music industry, Belle is constantly evolving and pushing herself musically and has a passion for performing for and with other music lovers. Belle has a focus of creating a sense of community within the arts in Tasmania and strengthening the connections between artists.


 Nestled in the serene landscapes of Tasmania, a hidden gem awaits – Belle's Boys, a soulful R&B and pop sensation, led by the captivating vocalist Belle Richardson. For half a decade, they've been making waves, enchanting audiences with their harmonious melodies and unshakable rhythm. Each member of this extraordinary ensemble brings a wealth of musical experience to the stage and together they have cultivated their signature contemporary sound.

Featuring vocalist Belle Richardson, guitarist Michael Chater, bassist Eric Amani, drummer Matt Meehan-Lam and keys player and vocalist Dan John.

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