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Bodane Hatten, Magician


Bodane Hatten is a professional magician from Australia now based in Poland that specialises in stage comedy magic. An aficionado of classical magic routines Bodane is always looking for new ways to bring life to old tricks with a modern presentation for today's audiences. The first stage show he co-wrote and performed in was "˜Underground Magic' in Hobart, Tasmania. Following the success of this show he went on to write and perform in "˜Deception', "˜Inappropriate Magic', "˜C'est La Vie' & "˜A Slieghtly Funny Magic Show' which have been performed across the world. Some events Bodane has performed at include: Adelaide Fringe Melbourne Magic Festival The Taste of Tasmania Ellendale Busking Festival Dark MoFo Festival of Voices Tasmanian Circus Festival Coffs Harbor Busking Festival Nelson Fringe NZ Melbourne Cabaret Festival Christchurch Comedy Carnival Melbourne Magic Festival His highly interactive audience participation and witty rapport also caught the attention of "˜Australia's Got Talent' producers, which led to him to performing on prime-time TV.-  His performance of the notorious "˜Needle Swallowing' trick was highly praised by all four judges. Bodine's stage show is very audience interactive with genuine laugh out loud moments and the feeling of watching a show that is being performed just for you. Most of his time is spent on various cruise ship lines with two full evening shows. When he is not on stage however Bodane also performs street style magic shows at festivals and markets as well as private functions and parties.

The magic and technical aspects of the performance are frequently breath taking, especially the small and intricate material, but also the “wow scale” material

Craig Wellington, review

It is not often left of field entertainments are created and provided locally which stand up to close scrutiny. This does. In every sense. The “ooohs” and aaahs” of the audience were real. The applause felt forced at first – but boy its sincerity increased and grew and became thunderous. The repartee between principal performer, Bodane Hatten, and the audience was delightful – not in a twee “isn’t that loverly” sense – truly engaging and involving and delighting.
There’s plenty of variety, with sleight of hand, mentalism, card tricks, rope and hoop, cups and balls and some wickedly funny toying with an audience member’s money

Robert Jarman, The Mercury