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Bory’s Extreme Bicycle Stunts


Borys Zagrocki is a professional Mountain Bike & Trials rider, coach & performer.
Borys has been riding for over 20 years, starting in Europe and developing his skills throughout Asia and Australia.
Borys Zagrocki holds 2 Australian National Elite Championships, he coaches and performs regularly around Australia and overseas.

Borys Zagrocki offers a unique entertainment experience with the aim of inspiring the audience and getting jaws dropping.

From jumping his bike over some brave volunteers, to jumping onto his van's roof - Borys got you covered for your daily adrenaline dose!

“Borys Zagrocki amazed crowds with his stunts and kept them thoroughly engaged during his performances. We are looking forward to working with him again.”

Museum of Tropical Queensland

“Borys Zagrocki’s spectacular bike trial performance was a highlight of the multi-site Twilight project – the audience was mesmerised by his skill and virtuosity and I was thrilled to be able to include this highly professional performer in the production.”

Cheryl Stock, Director of Dancenorth’s 30th anniversary production of Twilight

“We were excited to have Borys Zagrocki come up to the Atherton BikeFest in 2015 to perform and run workshops with the local kids. His performances were inspiring and we were impressed by his friendly and professional attitude”

BikeLinx, organisers of the 2015 Atherton Bikefest