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Chicada offers dynamic public performances with the true spirit of the samba schools of Salvador doBahia and Rio de Janeiro. We have danced, drummed, and dazzled audiences at some of Tasmania’s principal events, including Falls Festival, Junction Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival, the Wooden Boat Festival and many more. Chicada is a community based Brazilian band. All money earned from performances is put back into the band. Drums and costumes are bought direct from sources in Salvador de Bahia, and Sao Paulo–Brazil, so the band guarantees it’s authentic Brazilian style.

Performance prices vary depending on the size, nature and location of the event, as well as how many drummers are required. The band is flexible and can cater for any events including festivals, fund-raisers, parades or stage performances. Like in Brazilian carnaval, the ensemble is able to perform samba percussion in while parading through an event. Chicada is also able to perform onstage with amplified singing and other amplified instruments to provide added melodies to the percussion. The full samba band ensemble (up to 18+ players) make an absolutely amazing sound that really adds to the atmosphere of any event.

Chicada also runs workshops designed to introduce audiences to basic samba rhythms and techniques. Participants will get to try each instrument and learn to play samba rhythms and breaks. The goal is to demonstrate how each member can contribute to a fun and exciting collective sound through community based learning. Chicada’s dynamic teachers will deliver a high standard ofprofessionalism through these workshops. No prior experience is needed and all instrumentation isprovided.