island entertainment presents

DJ Unloaded


Introducing DJ Unloaded, the DJ who has set the Tasmanian party scene ablaze and is now primed to conquer dance floors all around the globe. With an open platform approach to music, unloaded delivers an unmatched experience, seamlessly blending genres and creating an infectious energy that keeps the party-goers moving.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Tasmania, Australia, unloaded has spent years honing his craft, carefully curating an extensive collection of tracks that span across genres like Tech house, Party, RNB, and everything in between. His deep understanding of diverse musical styles allows him to effortlessly read the  crowd and deliver beats that resonate with any audience.

Unleashing his passion for music, Unloaded has gathered a loyal following in Tasmania, where his electrifying performances have become the stuff of legend. Whether he's headlining a club night, igniting a festival stage, or turning underground parties into wild, immersive experiences, Unloaded brings an unwavering energy that connects him with the crowd on a whole new level.