island entertainment presents

Four d’Fiesta


Four d'Fiesta is a Hobart-based, close-harmony vocal quartet with a diverse range of repertoire, from ballads to shanties to quirky takes on modern songs. Drawing from 1.5hrs of repertoire and adding songs as needed to suit gigs, we can suit a wide range of gigs. Engaging, fun, and unique, we take the audience on an emotional journey.

Formed in 2021 by members of Deep South Chorus and ThylaSing, we love getting into the character of the event.

Two of our members are music educators, another two are ex-armed servicemen, and one is an Air Force brat who grew up on military bases.

If you’re looking for something with classic lines and a ton of horsepower in a compact package, look no further than Four d’Fiesta. Sporting a 4-part, close harmony engine under the bonnet, Four d’Fiesta is fully fueled and ready to rally. Custom-tuned suspension and nimble handling makes Four d'Fiesta the perfect vehicle for your next acapella adventure

, whether your destination is ye olde ballads, stompin' sea shanties, or quirky takes on contemporary fave. Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.