island entertainment presents

Graham Rix


After relocating in 2018 to Tasmania, his place of origin, Graham Rix has since been performing at prominent venues and corporate events in Hobart and surrounds. With a focus on 'vibe in the room', he aims to create a unique, memorable experience, providing an opportunity for all present to simply enjoy themselves 'in the moment'. Presenting a finely selected repertoire of contemporary and classic rock, pop and folk songs, his current trademark performance is as a singer/guitarist with saxophone played selectively over live-looped guitar. This is spontaneously layered to create a unique blend of laid-back soloing and harmony lines with occasional double-tracked slide guitar, all paving the way for soulful saxophone improvisation.

When the occasion suits, he also gives both vocal and instrumental piano performances. Working extensively for many years, both within Australia and abroad, he has held longer-standing residencies at various times, most notably as resident musician and DJ (chillout & deep house) at Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef, during most of 2016. He has also previously performed as an itinerant musician on Great Southern Rail services The Ghan and The Overland. Corporate performances have included events for clients the likes of Qantas, MasterCard, Bupa, Lenovo, One&Only Resorts and Sunoco, and more recently the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania. With the proven capacity to combine both his instrumental and DJ skills simultaneously within a live setting, and with versatility and mobility being key factors in his work generally, what he offers potentially suits a wide range of performance settings and locations.