island entertainment presents

Just Duet


The concept of two violins improvising and accompanying each other, while commonplace in country music, is practically unheard of in jazz with a few notable instances. "Just Duet" (Emily Sheppard and Charlie McCarthy) is a twin fiddle swing project presenting a selection of gypsy jazz violin classics to highlight the music of famed duets of the past such as the legendary Stuff Smith & Stephane Grappelli (Stuff & Steph) to more contemporary jazz violin duet partnerships, Christian Howes and Billy Contreras (Jazz Violin Revolutions).

"Just Duet" combines toe-tapping swing, breakneck gypsy classics, wistful Parisian ballads and re-worked jazz standards in a vibrant and engaging mix of acoustic music, all performed with the dazzling virtuosity, fun and passion that is intrinsic to the gypsy jazz violin tradition.

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