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Keynote Address: Winning the Crowd


Winning the Crowd - The Communication Secrets of a Professional Comedian

They say comedy is the "˜hardest job in the world'. That's probably an exaggeration, but it's certainly not an easy job either. - A professional comedian often only has 5"“10 minutes to impress a crowd. This means they usually have less than one minute to win them over and get them laughing.

The techniques a comedian uses to do this are surprisingly simple and effective and can be applied to all levels of communication and presentations.

Gavin Baskerville has been a successful professional comedian for more than 20 years. He has played to audiences of all types on land and at sea. He has also spent the last 13 years teaching and coaching beginners and experienced comedians.

He has recently created this specialised corporate presentation which gives an insight into how to win any crowd and how to make an audience laugh.

Gavin's presentation is customisable to any length or event. It is motivational, insightful and highly entertaining - perfect for conferences, dinners and professional development sessions.

Toastmasters Clubs understand and value the role that humour and comedy plays when presenting speeches, toasts and storytelling. Gavin detailed the principles of good comedy, the do’s and don’ts as well the psychology of what makes great comedy. His humour and easy listening style made the Master Class a huge success.Toastmasters District 73 would not hesitate in recommending Gavin to any club or organisation that needs, realises and values the importance that humour and comedy offers in building better work environments.

Phillip Kaufman