island entertainment presents

King B-Fine and Afrikaya Band


KING B-FINE and AFRIKAYA BAND is a Tasmanian 12-piece Afro Beat
ensemble. Recent gigs include the MONA reopening & the COGIG19 global live
stream event.

King B-Fine is the band's unique & lively Rastafarian front man. King lives by the
Rastafarian philosophy & the tradition of honouring that everyone is born royal.
Originally from war torn Sierra Leone, King B-Fine now calls Australia home and
resides in West Hobart with his Tasmanian wife & young family.
King B-Fine's passion for performing started early, his musical influences include the
legends of reggae & afro beat such as Marley, Tosh & Fela Kuti.
King's musical achievements are impressive, as is his list of musical awards.
He has toured Europe, shared the stage with international reggae musicians,
headlined an Australian music festival in Qld and was an Australia Day Award Finalist
in Sydney.
What is equally impressive is that King composes and produces his own music under
his labels, Fine Records & Royal Movement Records. He has released numerous
albums and singles with accompanying music videos.
King B-Fine is the new generation of musical storyteller, with a focus on stirring up
positive change via his "˜songs of freedom'. He sings not only of racial & social
injustices, of police violence and youth struggle but also of unity, "˜one love' and
power to all people; relevant messages that need to be shared across the globe.

King B-Fine's recent Afrikaya Band ensemble is a mix of eclectic Tassie musicians
dedicated to delivering his upbeat Afro Beat sounds in the soulful Tassie fashion.
Formed in early 2020, he and his new band have already released two locally
recorded singles with music videos. The outfit boasts an up-tempo African vibe,
heavy with brass, percussion & vocal harmonies, this is music that connects with
communities embracing freedom, peace and fun!
King B-Fine's instruments of choice are his deep, punchy African vocals and the
djembe; his lively, phrenetic drumming style is one of the awe-inspiring highlights of
their performances.
With the Afro-beat genre potentially the next big musical experience to explode in
Australia, King B-Fine and his Afrikaya Band are at the forefront of this underexplored
musical groove in Australia.
King B-Fine has an ambitious dream "“ to be the best Afro Beat band is Australia, and
with King's established musical track record, passion & energy he, and his Afrikaya
Band are well on their way.

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