island entertainment presents

Liv and The Loudmouths


It may be your wedding, a corporate event or private function.

Liv and The Loudmouths bring a level of virtuosity and liveliness that you will simply not find elsewhere.

Four lifetimes of perfecting their craft; the combined industry experience, chemistry & professionalism of Liv and The Loudmouths is sure to impress.

We completely tailor each and every performance to create the perfect vibe for your required occasion.

We pride ourselves on being the least stressful and most FUN part of your event!

We will personally work with you in the lead up to your event to ensure that the most perfect soundtrack covers every single moment.

Our extensive repertoire includes everything from Rock, Pop, RnB, Country - you name it - we get it done.

Liv and The Loudmouths  has your event absolutely covered, and your dance floor absolutely PUMPING.


Do you want a band that will turn heads and make the hairs on your neck stand up and dance? Liv and the loudmouths is that band they’re suited to small stages and to the big festival stages Make your next event one to remember by hiring these guys!

Caleb Jones

Myself, and my friends got lucky enough to be at the Spring Bay Hotel, when ” Liv and the Loudmouths” were belting out fabulous tunes, the whole place was cranking off the scale, these guys are consumate Pro’s, their song list is a ripper, and their energy attracts even the most sedate of us onto the dance floor. I for one, am now a fervent “Groupie”, will never miss another show, can’t wait until the next one, check e’m out people, you’ll come away with a smile on your dial.

Greg Shackcloth

We have now heard Livy and the Loudmouths twice, These guys are awesome … Livy has an awesome powerful voice… The talents of this band are well known in other bands and are well respected within the musicians of Hobart , this is as good as it gets . (edited)

Phil Dance