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Matt & CJ


Matt & CJ are a rapidly growing and much sought-after Acoustic Duo/Cover Band at Clubs and Pubs across Tasmania. Covering many artists from the 80s, 90s through to current day. Renowned for putting their own unique spin on classic hit songs and getting their audience involved and ROCKING!
Most recently playing as Support Act for THIRSTY MERC and THE WOLFE BROTHERS.
Matt Weeks 47 is a self-taught, established guitarist who has been involved with various bands on the Northwest coast of Tasmania and through this time met CJ and along with 3 other members formed a band called Sixty40. Deciding in early 2013 to part ways and form the current duo.
Clint Johnson (CJ) 45, started singing in his late teens with Family members who frequently held Country Cabarets on the Northwest of Tasmania coast using their band to back artists such as Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole and Felicity Urquhart. In later years Playing Solo until forming Sixty40 and joining with Matt to become what they are today.