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MAZALA is a trio consisting of Alan Welsh (guitar), Roman Astra ( sitar, Indian violin) and Umesh Pratap (tabla). Mazala present a spicy musical experience you won't forget.

Alan Welsh is at home with most Guitar styles there are. He blends all those into his musical language locking rhythms with Umesh Pratap on Tabla. Umesh is a master percussionist from Fiji. Above those float the sounds of Roman Astra on Sitar and Indian violin adding another exotic flavour to the offering.


Alan Welsh was born in Malaysia and grew up with Middle Eastern and Eastern music around him, while studying the guitar. He later moved to the UK, lived and performed in Perth/Australia and now lives in Hobart. He holds several diplomas and degrees in music education and performance. Alan has performed solo and in professional groups over the years and has earned himself a respected name in the Tasmanian community.

Roman Astra grew up in Vienna /Austria learning piano and guitar and eventually was drawn to the sitar and Eastern music. On his way to Australia he stayed in Madras for a while to advance his knowledge and skills on this instrument. Roman has been part of Tasmania’s music scene since 1988 performing solo and with various ensembles. He always aims to mix sounds and styles from all around the World, depending on the background of his fellow musicians. This has taken him to many local and national festivals presenting eclectic Tasmanian groups.

Umesh Pratap grew up in Fiji where he absorbed the music and rhythms of his culture and eventually was awarded the title of Master drummer. He has been teaching the rhythms of the table for many years and has been performing in many ensembles. He has been working and creating with Roman for over ten years now.