island entertainment presents

Midnight Messengers


Top left reggae - featuring the music of Bob Marley

Reggae is music for dancing and grooving. Reggae is a feeling, an attitude that says listen to the people because we sing of hope and peace and truth, but mostly we sing about connectedness.

Midnight Messengers is a band that is held together by respect for the ideology and the grooves sent out from Jamaica to the world by the legends of reggae, with Bob as the main spokesperson.

Midnight Messengers throws in a smidge of ska amongst the Caribbean vibes to keep it lively with guitars riffing amongst the horn stabs and harmonies. Percussion punctuates the solid bass lines anchoring the groove, while the piano vamps and the drums keep the dancers dancing.

Ten well known NW Tas musicians combine to bring the party feel, with representatives from the J Arthur Band, Nine Lives rock "˜n' soul Revue and Don't Come Monday, together with fabulous soloists and jazz identities.

Neil Gibson-  guitar/lead vocals
Tessa Lee- -  lead & backing vocals/flute
Josh Berryman- -  bass
Ian Howard- -  drums & backing vocals
Fintan McCullough-  rhythm guitar
Pete Rissi- - -  guest artist from Canada on trombone and vocals
Mike Lizotte- - -  alto, tenor & baritone saxes & vocals
Teresa Beck-Swindale- -  tenor, alto and soprano sax, vocals
Steve Macfarlane- -  pianist/vocals
Bruce Innocent- - -  percussionist/vocals

Repertoire focuses on popular standards and more obscure reggae covers together with a few pieces written by several of the band members.

Midnight Messengers have played in theatres, pubs and garden parties. primed and ready for your next festival or event