island entertainment presents

Patrick Berechree


With a musical style that does not fit neatly into a genre, it is probably easier to talk about what Patrick Berechree has done than it is to describe what it is he does.  A veteran of over 2000 gigs, Patrick Berechree has also released 5 albums. As both the front man of several bands including Squeezebox, The Robinsons and The Darlings, and as performer on his own, Patrick Berechree has devoted a significant amount of his working life to live music.

What he does in all musical formats is a little more difficult to pin down.-  He breathes a little part of himself into some beautiful old familiar songs, he cooks up infectious rhythms on his acoustic guitar.-  Rich and warm, his voice is the defining part of his musicianship.-  Equally at home prowling the stage at a festival or in more intimate performance situations Patrick Berechree performs with sensitivity and intensity and always gives it all he's got.