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Pelican Puppets


Pelican Puppets have been performing puppet shows in every state and territory in Australia since 1994 at festivals, events, libraries, museums, shopping centers, agricultural shows and pre-schools.

Two great glove puppet shows, based around the colourful English puppet character Mr. Punch and his friends, are performed from Pelican Puppets traditional style red and white striped compact theatre. This along with their portable PA system makes it ideal for any situation. Just a place for an audience to gather, sit and watch is necessary

Each show is around thirty minutes in length and starts with a variety of puppets that come to life and interact with the audience to music followed by Mr. Punch and friends appearing in their colourful theatre.

Fun for all ages.

Show Descriptions

Punch and Judy

Laugh with Mr. Punch in his colourful adventures. Join in as this cheeky glove puppet sticks his large red nose into everything and then finds a way around the consequences. Meet his wife Judy and their baby. Then there is his friend Zac the clown, as well as Docs, Crocs and other puppet characters. Nothing gets in the way of Mr. Punch having fun.

Zac "˜n' the Box.

When Zac the clown is left a magic box to look after by his uncle the Wizard and, at the same time trying to organise a cake for Mr. Punch's birthday you have a recipe for laughter. Add a French chef, a swagman, the wizard, and mix thoroughly. Watch as the magic box causes mix-ups, muddles and magic.

Other puppets

Lots of characters to interact with the audience or wander the crowd. Pythagoras the Pelican on the lookout for his tea and a Jester looking for jokes, plus skeletons, horses, dinosaurs, clowns and more entertain young & old.

Other Stuff

Pelican Puppets offers a range of workshops in puppetry, lantern making and banner creating