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Playback Theatre


Hobart Playback provides a truly unique, interactive and uplifting way to launch, develop, reflect on, evaluate and summarise your organisation's conference or event.
We add to your event:
Delegates can share their ideas and insights, and what has inspired and challenged them during the conference. They- will be engaged, awakened and entertained!
Playback Theatre is improvisational theatre, where audience members tell moments and stories from their lives and then watch them re-enacted on stage. Seeing and hearing the stories re-made can be raw, riveting and revealing.
We highlight and work with- your- themes. We meet with you and facilitate a performance that uniquely explores your topics, creating a one-off show for your conference or event.
Hobart Playback Theatre has been creating the magic of improvisational performance in Tasmania since 1995. We are part of an- international network- of Playback Theatre Companies (IPTN).-  We provide fully facilitated performances for community and team building, leadership development, conflict resolution, social change, feedback, evaluation and celebration.

We perform for conferences and corporations, schools and- community groups, large and small gatherings.-  The company has partnered with non-government and government- agencies, recently addressing issues including- intergenerational and community care- projects,- gender issues,- migrant and asylum issues, and community building in varied settings.

It was a pleasure collaborating with Playback Theatre…. What a creative and engaging way it was to encourage difficult conversations…. There was laughter and tears and the audience were enthralled…. A great experience for all who participated … it turns out the conversations are not so difficult after all!

Project: Conversations about death and dying. Glenview Community Services.