island entertainment presents

Raven Madde


Low-key outrageous, high strung, and always running in heels, Raven Madde is the
queen of the crowd, birthed from the musical theatre stage, moulded in the gymnasium,
and inspired by her long (and growing list) of estranged lovers.
Raven Madde dreams of being the first male passing, operatic, ballerina, gothic noir,
superstar. Swarming the pubs and clubs of Hobart to prove her prowess after being left
at the altar during her three act wedding extravaganza... mid ballard.
Raven Madde has performed all around Tasmania, starting at Les Girls Hobart,
performing new acts every weekend. She flew into the burlesque and circus scene,
becoming a regular performer with Miss Kitty's Meow appearing in regular showcases
and Burlesque After Dark. She has taken home the coveted crown of Mr. (dubious title)
Boylesque Tasmania 2014, and performed on the stages of the Theatre Royal,
Playhouse Theatre, Peacock Theatre, and even a few appearances at MONA and
Wrest Point Casino.
She sings, dances, and performs circus feats in a roving capacity, entertaining with
humour and a friendly (if not vicious at times) smile.