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Roving Puppets – Tip Duck & Heap


Terrapin explores beyond the borders of contemporary puppetry and makes lives better through art and culture. Both the Roving Puppets, Tip Duck and Heap, are a hit with audiences of all ages as an incidental activation of a large outdoor space, a greeter in foyers or a roving puppet.

Tip Duck:

This is Jeremy’s big moment. He finally has an idea that will make him rich. I.B.I.S (International Bin Integration Services) will train birds commonly known as Tip Ducks to keep our world clean and tidy. Enter Ibsen, the world’s first rubbish-collecting Ibis. But on launch day everything goes wrong, with hilarious (and messy) consequences.

Tip Duck is perfect for large scale festivals, markets and other outdoor events, seen by over 57,000 people in 2021. It is a flexible roving performance beloved by audiences of all ages.

Performance - Up to 3 x 20 minute roving performances over a 3-hour period.


Taking Compost to Great Heights.

Heap is a large scale roving puppet, suitable for conferences, festivals, markets, community events and corporate activations. We all know compost heaps have a life of their own, but not like this one!

Inspired by Tasmanians’ love of gardening, Terrapin takes the inner life of compost to great heights – literally – with Heap, a new roving performance featuring an ambitious amateur horticulturalist and a giant, unwieldy compost creature. Designed by master puppet maker Bryony Anderson in collaboration with Moonah Primary School and constructed entirely out of salvaged materials, Heap will engage green (and black) thumbs of all ages.

Performance - Up to 3 x 20 minute roving performances over a 3-hour period.

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I think Tip Duck has won the hearts of Sydney (and our festival staff) – what a hit!

Olivia Ansell, Artistic Director Sydney Festival