island entertainment presents

Roz Pearson & Ipanema Dreaming


Sultry sounds of the bossa nova. Get into the rhythm, let your body sway, let is captivate and carry you away. See the images the melody conveys, gentle breezes, silver sands and sun-filled day.

Perth born Roz had already graduated from WAAPA jazz course and cut two CDs by the time she landed in Tasmania at the end of 2003. One of her CDs had made it to the ABC playlist and was being played throughout the nation. She has been performing around Hobart ever since. Ipanema Dreaming was born out of the Pandemic of 2020 with the pairing of Roz and Joel Roberts who first met in the chorus of a few Melbourne Opera productions. Their first appearance was in Hot August Jazz - the first music festival permitted post lock-down. From here Roz and Joel will continue working as a duo, whilst at the same time expanding the band to a quintet for larger functions. If you're into Latin with a modern twist, look no further.

Hello Roz and brilliant band members. Simply loved your vocals and the band’s amazing precision and inspiration today at Hot August Jazz at the Crescent. Woohoo, you have the most spectacular voice and electrifying eye contact and charisma. Where are you playing next?

Bobbe in the purple behind the dancers.