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Sambo (& Jimi)


A singer and his guitar.
Sambo has built a solid reputation for being a premium performer, with his vibrant, soulful and energetic acoustic style shows.

Utilising harmonicas, acoustic guitars and his much revered voice, Sambo evokes true emotion whether singing a song from the diverse selection of covers in his repertoire or one of his own catchy tunes.

With Numerous recordings and many years of live shows under his belt, Sambo is the perfect choice for weddings, corporate functions, parties or club events, or anywhere a solo artist fits the bill.

Sambo & Jimi-  - 

Sambo is also able to offer a duo show "Sambo & Jimi" with James Brown (Jimi) on drums/percussion and backing vocals. Jimi brings a multitude of drumming expertise and finesse to the table for an even more dynamic and danceable performance. Together these two seasoned performers make the Sambo & Jimi show a truly memorable and energetic experience, putting their own stamp on renditions of true classics and popular songs as well as Sambo origin

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