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Samuel Bester


Think of an acoustic-roots based musical cauldron of rock, folk, country, jazz, latin, blues, reggae and funk moods, delivered passionately with a rich and expressive voice, intricate yet complimentary guitar and spiced with vibrant harmonica. Think of songs melodic and catchy, with thought provoking lyrics of social, political and human comment"¦you are thinking of Samuel Bester.

A seasoned performer, Samuel brings a lifetime of experience to the stage, drawing in his audience to connect with the music through passionate, enveloping performances. Samuel is from the southern most state of Australia, the Island State of Tasmania. A place well known for it's wilderness and beauty, perhaps it is this environment that has inspired and helped keep Samuel's style "earthy" and true, preferring to utilise live musicians and organic instruments, to keep the musical connection that lives, breathes and influences our very souls, touches our hearts and inspires our minds.

Samuel has created three studio albums The Long & The short of It, Golden and his latest Retroperspective. These three releases have been independently produced, recorded in his own studio and songs from each have received airplay on community radio nationally as well as some on Triple J and some European support also.

His musical influence is broad, but Samuel is often compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Ben Harper.

Samuel has supported many well-known acts, both solo and with his bands including John Butler Trio, Kevin Borich, Diesel, Nick Barker, Lior, Monique Brumby, Jenny Morris, Paul Kelly, The Whitlams, The Living End, The Radiators, Hoodoo Gurus, The Cruel Sea, Regurgitator, Horsehead, Spy Vs Spy, Custard, The Mavis's, The Badloves and Cold Chisel.

Samuel Bester has dedicated his life to music. His time is split between performing, song writing and running his own studio. Samuel also started an acoustic originals night at Irish Murphy's a venue in his hometown of Hobart, instigating the beginnings of original music in that venue. If, like Samuel, your musical tastes are infused with that varied roots influence and a penchant for quality recordings and performances, then you are sure to fall in love with this artists music and performance.

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