island entertainment presents

Sheyana & Mahlah


Soul, Rhythm & Rock, Harmony, Passion & Groove describes insync acoustic duo “Sheyana & Mahlah”.
Award winning Tassie songstress Sheyana performs with her songbird daughter Mahlah. They’ve supported Diesel and
continue to delight audiences with their exciting repertoire of classic covers, current hits and homegrown originals.
Their rich tones, sweet harmonies, toe tapping grooves and authentic acoustic delivery is engaging, with a sound
that is strong, emotive and accessible.

If you are after a larger band take a look at The Sheyana Band (Opens in a new tab)

audio sample

Sheyana and Mahlah had a great relaxed sound and were well received

Tas Racing

Sheyana knows what to do with an audience. Her soulful vocals and guitar are a breath of fresh air

Diesel (Mark Lizotte) Australian Musician.