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Marble Living Statues


Madame Stella

'Madam Stella' is a splendid eighteenth century "˜marble statue' gradually emerging from stillness to bring life to your event or festival. This gentle performance transfixes and delights both young and old audiences with its majesty and magic. 'Madam Stella' can be perfectly tailored for your particular event. Here she carries her newborn child and silently rocks her baby to sleep. Sometimes she carries her parasol, or a basket of fruit or flowers.

Contemporary Chef Statue
The contemporary chef character engages audiences in an interactive performance that is customised to the occasion. Ideal for restaurant/cafe or cellar door openings, hospitality events, birthdays and taste the harvest festivals. Here she appears as 'Cecilia - The Master Chocolate Maker' at the Aztec Chocolate Festival. Can also carry waiters tray.

In contrast to "˜Madam Stella' Dayna Dennison's Marble Living Statues can be completely designed to suit your event or theme. Dayna can build a brand new, fresh innovative character never seen before that is limited only by your ideas and Dayna's imagination"¦