island entertainment presents

Storia Viva


Storia Viva creates and presents unique learning and training experiences using proven techniques derived from theatre and the creative arts. We draw on a wide range of active participation techniques to stimulate and motivate participants to consider and analyse their work practices from a new more innovative perspective.

We can individually customise workshops for:
Team building and organisational development
Project evaluation and direction setting
Celebrations and marking of milestones
Developing skills in creative ways of working and communicating
Reinvigorating staff and teams

Conferences / Seminars
Storia Viva can enliven your conference through:
Creating opportunities for networking and interest groups
Reflection and evaluation of work practice
Highlighting themes through active participation or performances
Developing an environment that encourages, supports and respects each individual's contribution

We work with your organisation's goals to provide such outcomes as
Improved productivity
Clearer focus and drive
Enhanced creativity
Effective communication
Improved self confidence
Developed networks and partnerships
Enhanced work relationships
Dynamic and innovative conferences, seminars or training.