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Combining decades of experience and versatility, Tasmania’s own Allison Farrow, Blythe Tait and Nicole Simms-Farrow join forces to become Swoon.

 Specialising in vintage jazz arrangements with close three-part harmonies, Swoon delights audiences with favourite jazz standards as well as treating modern hits to a makeover from a bygone era. Sweeping across a range of genres from cabaret to classical, Swoon celebrates creativity and diversity, as well as paying tribute to many of the famous ‘Girl groups’ throughout history, from the Andrews Sisters and The Supremes to Destiny’s Child and The Spice Girls.

 Swoon can provide various versions of accompaniment, ranging from one piano/guitar player, a three-piece rhythm section (drums, bass, piano) or a nine-piece band.

 Swoon looks forward to enchanting Tasmanian audiences with their polished vocal harmonies, sizzling musical accompaniment and glamour in abundance!

“These three women are extremely talented and highly experienced performers. I was very pleased when I heard that they had decided to work together. I’m so looking forward to the great entertainment that they will bring to Tasmania.”

Christine Bailey Committee member and Life Member Hobart Jazz Club Coordinator Hobart Jazz Festival Programmer Longford Jazz Festival

“Swoon is a world-class trio combination of Hobart’s top jazz singers with entertaining, engaging performances.”

Ingrid Leibbrandt Pianist and tutor in piano and aural music.