island entertainment presents

Tasha Zappala


The tremolo-steeped folk of singer-songwriter Tasha Zappala muses of quiet wanderings and of lingering in-between.- Rambles of street corner crooning, afternoons adrift and slow remembering carry the listener as the eve draws close and the sun's rays cease.

Zappala's soft melodies have wound through attics and trains, caravans and stages across Australia, Europe, and the UK.-  The textured sound of her post-folk blues is layered with looping vocal harmonies, meandering guitar, tambourine, and percussion. When not serenading Zappala spends her time in the woods of Tasmania, making billycans of beans, drinking tea, and capturing field recordings.-  Her latest album,- All at Once (2021), features a spectrum of native soundscapes and seasonal serenades.

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…absolutely wonderful. Your music is fresh, original, warm and heart-felt, nostalgic and romantic.

Dr Peter Lim 

Seen this girl busking in Byron bay last weekend ,great singer just like Paulo Nutini.

Ciaran Campbell

We honestly had the best time and Tash is such a beautiful person. Everyone really enjoyed her music and it made it that more memorable for us.

Happy Gride & Groom