island entertainment presents

Thane Brady


Over a lengthy live performance journey commencing in the 1980’s Thane has collected along the way special songs that spoke to him and engaged with the audience.
Predominantly Material from the 60’s – 90’s with Thanes extensive catalogue equally divided into rounded sets of listening, mood and dance utilising modern MP3 backing tracks to recreate the impact delivered through the original full sound of each song.
Before becoming the front man of rockin big blues band Black n Blues Thane forged a reputation of possessing a strong deep voice with a range and technique able to transfer straight out rock and blues to nail lines performing in the popular pop duo Spluuurrt tackling techno, rap and even pop songs like Barbie by Aqua.
With experience comes reliability and dependability. Thane has all modern sound and lighting equipment making him a low maintenance act who can manage himself to deliver the entertainment required.

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